“The brain is like a muscle, and attention is a skill that you can change through practice.

The NeuroPlus approach targets this by using neurofeedback and biofeedback, and the potential to use these together is very strong.”

Dr. Greg Appelbaum, Director of the Human Performance Optimization Lab, Duke University


How it Works

Our patent-pending technology helps you develop attention skills through game-based exercises - all in the comfort of your own home.


Wear a comfortable, wireless headset that measures your brainwaves and play brain-controlled video games that  give real-time feedback on how well you're paying attention. The more you focus, the better you'll do in a variety of fun, interactive training games. Over time, this practice leads to improved focus in everyday life. 


Improve your self-awareness and self-control. Our headset picks up fidgeting bodies and tensing facial muscles, and users must keep calm and relaxed to succeed in the training games. With practice,  these exercises can help you develop strategies for emotional regulation to get through the day. 

cognitive training

NeuroPlus games incorporate cognitive training tasks to help you improve impulse control, working memory, and reaction time. Practice makes perfect, and you'll receive rewards for improving these skills over time. Research shows practicing these kinds of tasks translates to improvements in behavior in all areas of your life. 

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Learn to Focus

NeuroPlus users report an increased ability to focus after just a few short weeks of training. 

Relax & Keep Calm

It's hard to practice relaxation, but NeuroPlus makes it fun to keep calm with engaging feedback. 

Practice Impulse Control

Impulsivity can be a major obstacle to success. You can use NeuroPlus to build resistance to impulsive urges. 

Track Your Progress

See improvements over time with periodic  attention assessments and an online dashboard to track your success. 

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What you get with NeuroPlus

Unlimited Access To all GAMES

No need to worry about buying another game! Your subscription covers all current and future apps.

One-on-one success coach

Have ambitious goals? We want to help you achieve them. Your dedicated success coach will help with your goals and questions. 

Online Tracking dashboard

Track your time in the game and improvements over time. Our dashboard allows you to compare yourself to others training with NeuroPlus.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Want to try our innovative technology but aren't sure what to expect? We offer a 60-day money back guarantee on our headset and subscription.

Flexible Payment Plans

Choose the plan that works for you. Get a monthly subscription or save money by signing up for an annual subscription.

Free headset with annual Plan

Know you'll be around for a while? Sign up for a year subscription and we'll include afree NeuroPlus headset.


We offer individual and group plans to meet your needs.  
Subscriptions require a NeuroPlus headset and compatible device to practice training.  
Discounts are available for Annual subscriptions.

Required for training

+ NeuroPlus Headset - $99
+ iOS (Apple) or Android Mobile Device

*Also compatible with some Muse Headsets


Per Month

Get Started

1 User


Per Month

Get Started

2 to 4 Users  
Add additional users for $10 per month.

Build a better brain today. 

Try NeuroPlus risk-free for 60 days. What are you waiting for? 

Start Seeing Results


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    You'll need a compatible Apple or Android mobile device (phone or tablet)— larger and newer devices recommended—and a NeuroPlus headset. Our mobile games are also compatible with most Muse headsets. READ MORE


    We recommend 3 times per week for at least 20-30 minutes each session. We understand life gets busy, but as with any training, consistency helps. Consider incorporating training into your daily schedule.  READ MORE


    Every person is different and some people respond quicker than others as you'd expect from any kind of physical training. That being said, most people start to see improvements after about 4 weeks of consistent playtime. READ MORE


    No, NeuroPlus was designed to help all individuals practice attention-related skills. Some of our users have ADHD and initial research has shown to help children with ADHD, but NeuroPlus is NOT intended to treat or diagnose any disease. If you have questions regarding ADHD treatment, please consult your doctor. READ MORE

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